How to copy a Google Adwords report in one click with sunnyreports ?

Everyday, we try to make our users’ Adowrds reporting easier. We continue with our posts about all the sunnyreports’ features. I am going to talk today about the one allowing to create a full Adwords report in one click.

Copying an Adwords report

To be able to use this feature, you have to have at least one sent report. You can find them in the tab “My reports” >> “Sent”.


At the end of each line, you will find the read status and the available actions.

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Your Adwords reports in PDF

We are happy to announce the release the new PDF feature in SunnyReports, a feature awaited by many of our users. We take care to do it with the simplicity you love in SunnyReports.

It allows to add the copy of the report in PDF for an easy archiving for example.

How to add PDF file to a report?

We add a checkbox just before the recipient field in the edit report page.

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5 metrics to include in your Adwords reporting


Online advertising is all about results and statistics. That is why reporting is so important. For campaign managers, it helps to take a step back on their daily work. For clients or managers, it’s the only way to understand how performs a campaign and discuss the results.

Reporting is a difficult exercise. Let’s have a look to what matter in a good Adwords report.

The choice of metrics

Metrics are the basis of an Adwords report. There are hundreds in Google Adwords – like clicks, impressions, CTR, conversions, cost per conversion, … – and most of them are used daily by campaigns managers to optimize the campaigns.

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Impression share report to improve your Google Adwords campaigns

Impression share report is an underrated report. Be wiser than your competitors and use it to find powerful leverages to increase your Adwords campaign performances.

What is impression share report ?

Impression Share is the number of impressions your campaign received divided by the estimated number of impressions it could have received. The estimation is based on several parameters like geolocation, audience, bids, quality score, …


What is Impression share

Having a look at the picture above, you can quickly understand how useful this data is:

increase the part of your impression share => more “targeted people” see your ads.

There is four types of Search Impression Share (IS) metrics available for search campaign:

    • Search impression share: this is the impressions your ads received on the Search Network divided by the estimated number of impressions they may have received,
      • Search Lost IS (budget): This is the share your ads lost due to an insufficient budget. This metric is only available at the campaign level.
        • Search Lost IS (rank): this is the share your ads lost due to a poor ad rank.
          • Search Exact match IS: the total of impressions your ads received only for the keywords exact match relative to what they could have received.

          There is also similar metrics for Display campaign: Display impression share, Display Lost IS (budget), Display Lost IS (rank).

          Why using it ?

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