5 metrics to include in your Adwords reporting


Online advertising is all about results and statistics. That is why reporting is so important. For campaign managers, it helps to take a step back on their daily work. For clients or managers, it’s the only way to understand how performs a campaign and discuss the results.

Reporting is a difficult exercise. Let’s have a look to what matter in a good Adwords report.

The choice of metrics

Metrics are the basis of an Adwords report. There are hundreds in Google Adwords – like clicks, impressions, CTR, conversions, cost per conversion, … – and most of them are used daily by campaigns managers to optimize the campaigns.

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Display the evolution of metrics in Adwords reports for clients

Custom range period in a section - SunnyReports - Adwords custom report

Adwords reports for clients is about to explain the Adwords performances (and your work) to your client. The report includes metrics – clicks, CTR, cost, conversion, … – for a time period. It is also interesting to add some specific sections with another time period.

The importance of the time period

Adwords is all about statistics. And period matters with statistics. You need time to see trends in your metrics and to be able to decide what to do or what to test.

If you report monthly or weekly to your client, you show him a “screenshot” of the performances during a small period. One month is enough to follow the health of the campaign. You can show to total number of conversions, the cost per conversion and you can have the ROI.

But you can’t see clearly the evolution of your strategy. The global evolution of the metrics of an Adwords campaign will not be visible in one or two months.

How evolves the CPC since  you have taken over the management of this new account ? How is the evolution of the conversion since the beginning of the year ?

To answer these questions, you need to take a bigger period. That’s why we add the ability to change the period in each section of your report, independently of the report’s period.

How to set up a custom section period

We want to keep SunnyReports simple. So we add the custom period in a section with the same selector you can find in Google Adwords.

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Geo Performance Report with AWQL

Geo Performance map

AWQL is a powerful language to make queries through the Adwords API to retrieve and manage data. It’s an efficient way to search and understand your data by a way you can’t find in Google Adwords.

I will give an example of what I did some days ago for one of my customer on the geo performance report table.

Geo performance in Adwords

Geo performance is one of the thousand of data to analyse in Adwords. These informations can be valuable for your client about his target. You can start actions on a specific target area, for example to make an event or to send flyers.

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Why Adwords reports is Key for me and my clients

Adwords reporting overview

Being a freelance Adwords manager, I have experienced that Customer Reporting is the key point. Optimizing my clients’ campaigns is my job. But what does optimization mean? Does it mean 10% growth every month; fewer clicks and more conversions; lower the CPC (Cost Per Click); increase the CTR?

My clients don’t know my daily job

My clients hire an Adwords manager thinking that doing so, they optimize their budget. But being no expert in Search Engine Marketing, PPC ads and Adwords, they have no idea of the daily activities I perform for them.

I spend most of my time sitting at my desk in front of a couple of monitors displaying data tables with $ and %, adjusting one bet here, adding ten keywords there, splitting Adwords group, etc. Does that sound familiar?

My clients only know on a monthly basis whether or not they are making more revenue with fewer budgets. They are not informed that thanks to my hard work their revenue stays stable while the market is getting more and more competitive or is decreasing.

Thanks to better reporting

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