Download the data of your AWQL query in CSV/XML

Download AWQL query CSV XML

A few days ago, we released, a free tool to simplify the way you write an AWQL query and see the result.

We are happy to release a new feature: you can now download the results in two formats: CSV and XML.

Download button AWQL queryYou just have to select which format you want for the data and the file is downloaded automatically.

You can now write, check and test your AWQL queries and retrieve the Adwords data for a further exploitation in Excel for example.


Feel free to drop us a line with your feedback or to request a new feature. Have fun!

Geo Performance Report with AWQL

Geo Performance map

AWQL is a powerful language to make queries through the Adwords API to retrieve and manage data. It’s an efficient way to search and understand your data by a way you can’t find in Google Adwords.

I will give an example of what I did some days ago for one of my customer on the geo performance report table.

Geo performance in Adwords

Geo performance is one of the thousand of data to analyse in Adwords. These informations can be valuable for your client about his target. You can start actions on a specific target area, for example to make an event or to send flyers.

But the way Adwords give the geolocation information is not very easy to use. You have to go in the Read More

Visualize your AWQL queries in seconds for free logo AWQL

We are really happy and proud to release, the first free tool to visualize the results of your AWQL queries in one click.

What’s the point ?

AWQL – AdWords Query Language – is the powerful query language used by Google Adwords. It’s an SQL-like language which allows to perform queries on most common Adwords API services. You can also use it for Adwords reporting too.

Even if AWQL is inspired by SQL, it doesn’t allow all the SQL tips like join and group. The language is really interesting to be able to search in your Adwords data.

A query example: Read More