Your Adwords reports in PDF

We are happy to announce the release the new PDF feature in SunnyReports, a feature awaited by many of our users. We take care to do it with the simplicity you love in SunnyReports.

It allows to add the copy of the report in PDF for an easy archiving for example.

How to add PDF file to a report?

We add a checkbox just before the recipient field in the edit report page.

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SunnyReports is coming out of beta

sunnyreports release

We started SunnyReports with a mission to simplify Adwords reporting. Thanks to lots of hard work and the help of our awesome users community, we are making this vision a reality.

SunnyReports 1.0!

We have been hard working building SunnyReports into the easiest and efficient Adwords reporting tool. We are proud to annouce we officially launch SunnyReports 1.0.

We couldn’t have done it without our users community, thanks to their involvement for reporting bugs, sharing their ideas and their feedback.

In the previous months, we have added among others:

  • custom period in any section of the report,
  • period comparison (soonly available in line chart),
  • more and more metrics every weeks,
  • a better MCC management,
  • reading rate for sent reports,
  • and a more stable tool.

There is plenty more coming in the next weeks.

Coming out of beta, SunnyReports is moving to a premium service, to help us provide a better service.

free trial sunnyreports adwords reporting tool

All users have a 14 days free trial – no credit car required – with unlimited reports and full features.

After trial, you just have to choose to best plan for your needs, beginning with a 49$ freelance plan with 25 reports. Discover the other plans here.

free plan sunnyreports, adwords reports

We also offer a free plan including one report per month.

You are a non profit-organisation ? Contact us at to discuss about huge discount we can offer.

Special coupon

It’s a special moment, so we are happy to give you a 30$ OFF special coupon applicable to any SunnyReports plans:

OFF30DLAUNCH2 – Only valid to the end of september

Friendly support

We try to be the most reactive to our users feedback and demands. Feel free to send us any feedback about SunnyReports.

Have fun with your Adwords reports with SunnyReports!

You will never loose your reports


There is nothing worst than losing his work. Even if SunnyReports allows to save plenty of time, a network bug, a misshandling could ruin your work by deleting your report. That time is over.

Your Reports are Automatically Saved

We are happy to introduce the autosave in SunnyReports. Your reports will be continously saved as soon as you have started a new one.

When you create a new report, straight away you can notice that the number of draft reports in the left column. During all the time you work on your Adwords report, it’s saved. You close the tab ? Come again in SunnyReports and you will find your work exactly at the last point you had it.

We had a tab called “Drafts”. If there is draft reports, you will notice the figure in the purple circle. You can edit the draft or dump it.


We continue to improve the ergonomy thanks to all the users’ feedback.

Winter is not coming yet, but many more features are coming.


Best advices for growth hacking

growth hacking curve

At SunnyReports, we are like any other bootstrapped start-up : we are two founders with a lot of people giving us their best advice and some of their time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wives, our friends and also all those people we barely know.

We soon found out (as you most surely already did) that one of the most difficult challenge of our start-up adventure is to promote our amazing product. We already have users, subscribers, but we need more, actually a lot more: we need to go growth hacking.

Growth hacking

A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth. Is positioning important? Only if a case can be made that it is important for driving sustainable growth.
Source: Sean Ellis’ blog

There is so much content (articles, posts, videos) for growth hacking and marketing that you could spend your whole days on it doing nothing else while you have a lot of other things to do. Efficiency is the way to success. Don’t forget: execution matters. Read More

The way to count conversions changed in Adwords

adwords conversions count change

Google announced a week ago that there is a new way to count conversions in Adwords.

How it worked ?

Before these changes, there were two kinds of conversions: one per click and many per click.

  • Conversions – 1-per-click
    These ones count a conversion for every AdWords ad click resulting in a conversion within 30 days (the number of days you have specified for the cookie’s life).
    If there is more conversion following this single click, they won’t be count. This is useful when you want to measure the conversions for unique customer acquisition.
  • Conversions – many-per-click
    These ones count a conversion every time a conversion is made following an Adwords click (within the number of days specified for your cookie’s life).
    It counts all the conversions made after one click on an ad. It’s useful when you want to measure for example all the purchases in an e-commerce shop.

How it works now

Now, Google remove the previous conversions and Read More