Select data sources within each section of your Adwords report

A couple of days after the beta release we are proud to deliver your most wanted feature. 

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Select a specific campaign or the entire account within each Adwords report section.

What is new in Sunnyreports?

More flexible and complete Adwords reports creation for a more efficient communication with your clients: a single report displays any statistics about each campaign of an Adwords account.

In practice:

For a client who has 3 campaigns in his account (search, display, retargeting), you create for example a report for the previous month with the following sections:

  1. Overview  (number of clicks, cost, revenue, conversions)
  2. General Performance analysis (your professionnal feedback to your client),
  3. Additional specific sections for each of the 3 campaigns:
    • A line chart displaying the clicks and the conversions
    • A 10 best keywords analysis table (CTR, average CPC, average position, costs)
    • Your analysis per campaign
    • Device splitting analysis for each campaign

Check out for free the whole list of the various specific sections here.

Sunnyreports is still in beta with many other great features under development. We are hungry for Your feedback: You make the decision on what we will launch next!

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