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We are really happy and proud to release, the first free tool to visualize the results of your AWQL queries in one click.

What’s the point ?

AWQL – AdWords Query Language – is the powerful query language used by Google Adwords. It’s an SQL-like language which allows to perform queries on most common Adwords API services. You can also use it for Adwords reporting too.

Even if AWQL is inspired by SQL, it doesn’t allow all the SQL tips like join and group. The language is really interesting to be able to search in your Adwords data.

A query example:

SELECT CampaignId, CampaignName, Clicks, Impressions
WHERE Impressions < 100
DURING 20131001,20131031

Google recommend using AWQL as an easy way to retrieve data from your AdWords campaigns. You will find a lot of help in the Google Adwords help center.

But, since today, there wasn’t any services to visualize the results of your AWQL queries easily. With, you can now see the result in one click and be sure that your queries are ok.

AWQL becomes easier

We try to make AWQL easier to use by adding some tips.

[symple_column size=”one-half” position=”first”] autocompletion
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Autocompletion: no need for you to know all AWQL tips!

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Help messages included: for more information about AWQL syntax.

For example, you can have information about the DURING unique clause, an easy way to filter results with data range.

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 help messages


Why free ?

A few weeks ago, we launched our automatic Adwords reporting service, SunnyReports. During SunnyReports development process, we needed a tool to quickly verify the AWQL queries generated for our WYSIWYG interface. As no such tool existed, we decide to build our own.

Now that SunnyReports is live, we don’t want to keep this great tool four ourselves, so we decided to make it available for free.

Feedback welcome

Have fun with and send us your feedback at


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