SunnyReports is coming out of beta

sunnyreports release

We started SunnyReports with a mission to simplify Adwords reporting. Thanks to lots of hard work and the help of our awesome users community, we are making this vision a reality.

SunnyReports 1.0!

We have been hard working building SunnyReports into the easiest and efficient Adwords reporting tool. We are proud to annouce we officially launch SunnyReports 1.0.

We couldn’t have done it without our users community, thanks to their involvement for reporting bugs, sharing their ideas and their feedback.

In the previous months, we have added among others:

  • custom period in any section of the report,
  • period comparison (soonly available in line chart),
  • more and more metrics every weeks,
  • a better MCC management,
  • reading rate for sent reports,
  • and a more stable tool.

There is plenty more coming in the next weeks.

Coming out of beta, SunnyReports is moving to a premium service, to help us provide a better service.

free trial sunnyreports adwords reporting tool

All users have a 14 days free trial – no credit car required – with unlimited reports and full features.

After trial, you just have to choose to best plan for your needs, beginning with a 49$ freelance plan with 25 reports. Discover the other plans here.

free plan sunnyreports, adwords reports

We also offer a free plan including one report per month.

You are a non profit-organisation ? Contact us at to discuss about huge discount we can offer.

Special coupon

It’s a special moment, so we are happy to give you a 30$ OFF special coupon applicable to any SunnyReports plans:

OFF30DLAUNCH2 – Only valid to the end of september

Friendly support

We try to be the most reactive to our users feedback and demands. Feel free to send us any feedback about SunnyReports.

Have fun with your Adwords reports with SunnyReports!

How to follow evolution of metrics in Adwords performance reports with SunnyReports

compare time period in adwords performance reports with sunnyreports

Your reports have to show the time evolution of the performances of the Google Adwords campaign. For this, we recently introduce the ability to add custom time period into a section of your Adwords reports for clients.

Now, you can compare time periods!

Adwords performance reports must show performance. Obvious, isn’t it ? But what does it mean for your reports ? How to do that ?

For an Adwords campaign, performance is first based on the ROI (Return on Investment) – the money you spend versus the money you earn. Google Adwords is interesting only if profitable.

But it’s important to follow all the metrics – average CPC, CTR, cost, clicks, conversion, cost per conversion. It’s even better to follow their evolutions. That’s why we introduce the ability to compare two time periods.

compare two periods in Adwords sunnyreports

To stay consistent and simple, we have followed how it works in Google Adwords. You can find below the two possibilities of time period comparison.

Compare with the previous period

comparison with previous period Adwords sunnyreports

By selecting this comparison, you can compare a time period to the previous one, exactly like in Google Adwords.


  • The period selected is from the June, 1st 2014 to 30, june 2014. The metrics will be compared to 2nd may 2014 to 31 may 2014.

    You must note that May will not be complete. As there is 30 days in june, the metrics will be compared to the last 30 days of may. So it begins at the second.

  • If you select a period from the tuesday, june 24, 2014 to friday, june 27, 2014, the metrics will be compared to friday, june 20, 2014 to monday, june 23, 2014. The period is four days long. The period to be compared is four days long and finishes the day before the first day of the default period.

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Display the evolution of metrics in Adwords reports for clients

Custom range period in a section - SunnyReports - Adwords custom report

Adwords reports for clients is about to explain the Adwords performances (and your work) to your client. The report includes metrics – clicks, CTR, cost, conversion, … – for a time period. It is also interesting to add some specific sections with another time period.

The importance of the time period

Adwords is all about statistics. And period matters with statistics. You need time to see trends in your metrics and to be able to decide what to do or what to test.

If you report monthly or weekly to your client, you show him a “screenshot” of the performances during a small period. One month is enough to follow the health of the campaign. You can show to total number of conversions, the cost per conversion and you can have the ROI.

But you can’t see clearly the evolution of your strategy. The global evolution of the metrics of an Adwords campaign will not be visible in one or two months.

How evolves the CPC since  you have taken over the management of this new account ? How is the evolution of the conversion since the beginning of the year ?

To answer these questions, you need to take a bigger period. That’s why we add the ability to change the period in each section of your report, independently of the report’s period.

How to set up a custom section period

We want to keep SunnyReports simple. So we add the custom period in a section with the same selector you can find in Google Adwords.

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You will never loose your reports


There is nothing worst than losing his work. Even if SunnyReports allows to save plenty of time, a network bug, a misshandling could ruin your work by deleting your report. That time is over.

Your Reports are Automatically Saved

We are happy to introduce the autosave in SunnyReports. Your reports will be continously saved as soon as you have started a new one.

When you create a new report, straight away you can notice that the number of draft reports in the left column. During all the time you work on your Adwords report, it’s saved. You close the tab ? Come again in SunnyReports and you will find your work exactly at the last point you had it.

We had a tab called “Drafts”. If there is draft reports, you will notice the figure in the purple circle. You can edit the draft or dump it.


We continue to improve the ergonomy thanks to all the users’ feedback.

Winter is not coming yet, but many more features are coming.